Focus on Business
As a top-tier law boutique, we represent companies and business ventures throughout the world with our legal expertise and business know-how
We provide high-quality legal support, with an emphasis on practicality and efficiency
We turn things around quickly, getting you the real time support you need in the fast-paced world of international business
With more than 30 years of experience, we know how to get the job done with creative, practical solutions
We are trusted advisors, on your side through thick and thin
Dedicating time and resources to community projects and legal counseling to the needy is part of our "DNA"
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From global industry leaders to emerging companies, we’re passionate about helping you grow your business.

We are business-first lawyers with decades of experience helping our clients facilitate deals so they can focus on growing their business. From global industry leaders to emerging companies, our clients turn to us to provide the legal and contractual support they need to succeed.
SRK combines multifaceted experience in international corporate transactions, software as a service and licensing agreements, venture capital and other forms of equity and debt financing transactions, mergers and acquisitions, international and domestic capital markets and dealing with securities exchanges, to form a top-tier law boutique. We guide our clients through all aspects of their global operations and provide real world advice with an emphasis on quality, practicality, and efficiency. 

Steve Kronengold, founder of SRK Law Office

Practice Areas


We compare our work with startups to working in the greenhouse. With proper planning and care the seed of an idea can flourish into a

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SRK represents and advises both buyers and sellers throughout the process of mergers and acquisitions, beginning with the performance of due diligence regarding prospective targets

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Fintech is the meeting place between finance and technology and requires an in-depth understanding of both spaces. From the legal-business perspective, there are many unique

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SRK is committed to pro bono and public interest activities, with a major emphasis on providing legal services to the disadvantaged and the poor of

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