SRK is committed to pro bono and public interest activities, with a major emphasis on providing legal services to the disadvantaged and the poor of the local community.
Many years ago, SRK established the first Rehovot chapter of the Israel Bar Association’s pro bono program. SRK runs and administers the Rehovot program and is a liaison between the poor and indigent in Rehovot and the surrounding areas and the Israel Bar Association. The weekly clinic has advised hundreds of applicants from Rehovot and the surrounding areas in matters ranging from spousal abuse and child neglect to collection actions. The applicants to the clinic represent the spectrum of Israeli society, including native Israelis, immigrants from the former Soviet Union, Ethiopia and North America, religious and secular.
Over the years, Adv. Steve Kronengold has dedicated time and effort into various projects with the community of Ethiopian immigrants in Kiryat Moshe, Rehovot.
These activities included pro bono legal clinic participation in a project with the Rehovot police department and most recently sponsorship of a sports program that promotes individual and communal values.
SRK’s founder, Steve Kronengold, believes that every successful lawyer should be involved in community service and pro bono activities. Steve Kronengold has a long term commitment and dedication to pro bono work as part of his professional career. Some examples include Steve’s work for the Legal Aid Society of New York, the Governor of New York’s Judicial Screening Committee, the Elder Law Clinic of the Legal Aid Society, the Eldridge Street Synagogue Restoration Project, representation of the Oneida Indian Nation in claims against the United States Government, the National Coral Council, and the early childhood learning center for children of Ethiopian immigrants in Israel. Steve Kronengold was honored by the Israel Bar Association with the 2004 Certificate of Recognition Award for commitment to pro bono service. In 2020, Steve kronengold received a certificate of appreciation from citizen counseling services in the Rehovot municipality, for many years of devoted service and working for the well-being of the community.
SRK continues to explore ways in which it can enhance its pro bono practice and is dedicated to the program’s continued growth and success.

About SRK

SRK provides high quality, personalized legal services. We are a law firm that approaches every assignment with professional expertise and an in-depth understanding of our clients’ business objectives. Many of our clients have operations or customers worldwide, and we are committed to the time standards of a global community.

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