Client Endorsements

“I worked with Steve in connection with an acquisition of a company headquartered in Israel and Steve has been an extremely valuable resource for Adobe/Omniture in the years following that acquisition. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who has legal needs in Israel. Steve also has extensive experience outside of Israel and his breadth of experience has been very helpful in bridging gaps (both geographic and cultural) that arise in global transactions. Steve is personable, very responsive, and well-received by team members.

Craig Stevens, Senior Legal Counsel, Adobe Systems, Inc.

I have had the honor and fun of working with Steve from the day I started the company, through its successful acquisition by ICAP in 2007, to this very day. Steve and his team are extremely professional and thorough. Further, they are very hard working and always available for negotiations or deliberation with whatever time zone and however long it takes. Finally, and most importantly, they are very, very business oriented. They understand their role to be facilitating the business goals, and finding prudent, possible and creative ways to achieve them. It is a true pleasure to me and my team to partner with Steve and his team, and come up with successful deals, providing for win-win to our clients, partners and us.

Gil Mandelzis, Founder & CEO of Capitolis; Former Co-Founder of Traiana Inc. and CEO of EBS.


I have had the pleasure of working with Steve, and his firm SRK, at two startups (Access Fintech, and previously at Traiana). I have referred many happy entrepreneurs to Steve over the years, and will continually do so!

Small dedicated firm with depth of a large international outfit.

SRK has incorporated our companies, with the required international subsidiaries

Set up the required international ESOP / employee options plans

Set up the legal corporate infrastructure (MSA, Schedules, engagement) – with coverage of US, UK and Israeli law

Negotiated EVERY contract covering liability, exposure, indemnification, SLA, deliverables …

Board legal servicing / general counsel; and
Most importantly, I always feel I have a protecting angel looking over me, making sure to keep me grounded and guide me through minefields and uncharted territories!
Steve is as passionate and hard working as can be, I passionately recommend him!

Roy Saadon, Fintech Entrepreneur I CEO & Co Founder at Access Fintech

Having worked with Steve at a company we both represented, I was very pleased to see that Steve not only is a brilliant legal mind, but also has an understanding of the business he represents and always formats a win-win situation for both parties. I strongly endorse Steve!

Joe Diab, President and CEO, The Results Group/Diabsolut, Inc.

As a Director, I found comfort in knowing that we had a sound and cool-headed-legal strategy to guide us forward. I am not sure anyone would believe the complexities we faced from lawsuits to securities, and seemingly everything in between, but you stood by us and continued to show us the way. I am not sure I know all the attributes which make for a good lawyer, but I will always point to you and your firm as the legal benchmark. All the best to you and your family and I hope to work with you again.

John Reardon, Director, Neonode, Inc.

Steve has been LogicLibrary’s outsourced general counsel for over 4 years providing trusted counsel and expert legal services. His business savvy at the contract negotiating table creates focus, expedites the process and results in equitable agreements between LogicLibrary, its customers and partners. Steve’s firm demeanor establishes a strong negotiating posture while his compromising skills create a positive and progressive momentum. The time zone difference between east coast USA and Israel is an advantage by utilizing the combined 15 hours in a day for commercial and legal term review. Steve has been a valuable asset for LogicLibrary. I highly recommend Steve.

Don Imhoff, President, LogicLibrary, Inc.

Steve is the most reasonable attorney I’ve worked with. He knows when to ensure the security of the company and technology while not impeding sales activity. In addition, he’s always been available when I need it. In a personal note, Steve is easy to talk to and will take the time to help you understand why the situation benefits or does not be benefit the company.

Robert Della Santina, President, Senior Account Executive, Mercado

Steve is one of the most dedicated attorneys I have ever had the experience to work with. Steve truly understands the value of protection for the company and its assets while at the same time providing the avenues to ensure the success of our sales activities. Steve’s relentless commitment to working towards the goal of providing a win-win situation for both parties has provided our organization with great success. It has been my sincere pleasure to have worked with Steve and I welcome the opportunity to do so again.

Tony Iannucci, Vice President Sales & Marketing of Sapiens Americas Corporation