SRK represents, manages and asserts the commercial and legal interests of foreign individuals and entities in Israel. Many individuals and entities from all over the world have assets, commercial and financial dealings and legal needs in Israel and require high quality representation in order to best handle such interests and help them prosper. At SRK we specialize in focusing on your interests and needs so that you can maximize your success wherever you are. Our team of lawyers, coupled with our broad network of consultants in various fields, will provide you with the services you need at the comfort level you want.
Our services include:
• Representing foreign individuals and entities in a wide variety of transactions in Israel;
• Ascertaining and asserting rights of foreign individuals and entities to Israeli real estate, assets and financial interests;
• Handling day-to-day administrative needs of foreign individuals and entities with respect to Israeli corporations, real estate, assets and financial interests;
• Negotiation, litigation and arbitration with regard to Israeli corporate matters, real estate, assets and financial interests;
• Serving on Board of Directors for foreign individuals or entities;
• Review, management and handling of English and Hebrew documentation related to assets, financial interests and legal proceedings.

About SRK

SRK provides high quality, personalized legal services. We are a law firm that approaches every assignment with professional expertise and an in-depth understanding of our clients’ business objectives. Many of our clients have operations or customers worldwide, and we are committed to the time standards of a global community.

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Representative Transactions:


We represent high net worth individuals in pursuing their commercial interests in Israel, including investments, acquisitions, and dispositions of property interests.

We represent large international corporations in the negotiation and settlement of legal disputes in Israel.

We represent corporations with ownership located out of Israel, handling Israeli legal and administrative needs.

We represent heirs in the assertion of their rights to real and personal property in Israel, including complex banking and regulatory processes.

We represented residents of the United States in a complex real estate matter, in which we successfully defended our clients’ financial interests before the District Court of Nazareth, which accepted our argument to nullify previously signed land purchase agreements due to deceit and misrepresentation on the part of a third party, and awarded our clients full ownership rights over the real estate under dispute. Our clients were similarly victorious upon appeal to the Supreme Court of Israel, which upheld the decision of the District Court and awarded our clients the costs of defending the appeal. We continued to represent our clients in all aspects of the monetization of the real estate.


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