We compare our work with startups to working in the greenhouse. With proper planning and care the seed of an idea can flourish into a majestic oak.
So you have an idea. Now you need to protect the idea, protect yourself, surround yourself with talented individuals who can help develop the idea, obtain funding to sustain your operation and finally, commercialize the idea through an effective business model. Depending on the source and nature of the idea or technology, much advanced thought is usually required before making definitive decisions that will define and perhaps limit you going forward. Critical issues that need to be considered among many others include:
• timing,
• protecting confidentiality and proprietary ideas and technology,
• capital requirements,
• ownership interests, and
• the business model and plan.
Depending on the capital needs of the startup, seed investments can take one of several forms ranging from small investments from friends and family to angel investments and venture capital investments to multimillion dollar strategic business agreements with industry leaders. Regardless of the form and structure of the financing, extreme care must be taken to protect the founders and the idea. If structured properly, both founders and investors should be able to achieve a comfortable balance and successfully execute the transaction, which will hopefully allow them to execute their business strategy and achieve sustained growth and/or a favorable exit to the benefit of all.
Once the infrastructure is put in place, the startup, like any other corporation, will need a set of customized agreements to sustain its development and progress. These agreements will vary according to the business model that the startup has chosen to pursue.
We have decades of experience assisting early stage and start-up companies. We pay special attention to the needs of young technology companies and advise our clients on the full range of issues associated with starting and growing a successful company.

About SRK

SRK provides high quality, personalized legal services. We are a law firm that approaches every assignment with professional expertise and an in-depth understanding of our clients’ business objectives. Many of our clients have operations or customers worldwide, and we are committed to the time standards of a global community.

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Representative Transactions:


We continuously work with technology innovators and entrepreneurs in the establishment of numerous new companies and ventures in fields ranging from fintech to bio-technology to enterprise software. We then provide legal support to these ventures in all aspects of their business.

Representation of a leading fintech company in a $20 million capital raise transaction with a leading multinational VC and global financial institutions.

We represented our bio-technology client in an early-stage multi-million dollar strategic investment round with a leading public company.

We have worked with a Singapore-based company that develops online games for social and mobile platforms in connection with three rounds of financing totaling more than $5 million.

We represented the founders of a cloud-based productivity system in connection with the founding of a Delaware Limited Liability Company (LLC) and the negotiation and drafting of its Operating Agreement, as well as several licensing and software development agreements.

We represented a developer and provider of innovative FX solutions for emerging market currencies in connection with a $4 million financing round with two leading venture capital firms. We continue to work with the company in connection with business alliance and licensing agreements with several leading banks and brokers for the use of the company’s proprietary FX solutions.

We represented an innovative medical device company engaged in developing non-invasive monitoring solutions in connection with its entry into a joint venture for the development of real-time, long-distance, remote subject monitoring for the military and security fields. The joint venture company will commercialize products utilizing our client’s proprietary technology for military and security applications. We also represent our client in connection with its equity and debt funding activities, day-to-day corporate matters, and strategic spin-offs of special purpose subsidiaries.

We have drafted, negotiated and revised the baseline platform SAAS agreements for numerous international corporations, in the fields of Fintech, Big Data, IT, and numerous other business enterprises, including leading technology innovators who are publicly (NASDAQ) listed. Furthermore, we have represented international companies in their negotiations of SAAS agreements with many of the leading international financial institutions.

We continue to guide numerous start-up companies from formation to pre-seed/early stage investment.


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