Fintech is the meeting place between finance and technology and requires an in-depth understanding of both spaces. From the legal-business perspective, there are many unique aspects to this meeting of finance and technology, which we have learned at SRK over the course of decades of assisting many multinational fintech companies in their transactional documentation and negotiations with the world’s leading financial institutions. In our opinion, a deep knowledge of the materials and practical know-how as to what to expect when negotiating with large financial institutions is key to structuring successful agreements. We have built for clients a structure of a variety of agreements to allow our clients to efficiently get their work done. Some examples are Platform agreements, SAAS Agreements, Licensing agreements, Click-through agreements, Statements of Work, Proof of Concept agreements and Partnership Agreements. Furthermore, we assist our clients in the negotiation of these and other agreements with their various counterparts, including often the leading international financial institutions in the world, in order to help our clients get deals done, while protecting their interests.
As with all our clients, we assist our FinTech clients with the legal assistance they need to build a successful business from foundation to exit, assisting in such stages as incorporation and corporate governance, venture capital and other forms of funding, commercial & business agreements, partnership and joint venture agreements, technology and intellectual property agreements, mergers and acquisitions , initial public offerings and securities filings and general corporate advice.
Our broad-based fintech practice has given us vast experience and a keen understanding of the needs of our clients in that industry.

About SRK

SRK provides high quality, personalized legal services. We are a law firm that approaches every assignment with professional expertise and an in-depth understanding of our clients’ business objectives. Many of our clients have operations or customers worldwide, and we are committed to the time standards of a global community.

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Representative Transactions:


Representation of a fintech company in a $20 million capital raise transaction with a multinational VC and global financial institutions.

Representation of a fintech company in a $17 million capital raise transaction.

Representation of a fintech company with respect to angel financings.

Representation of several fintech companies in the SAAS agreements with their customers, which include leading financial institutions and fortune 500 companies the world over.

We have assisted international fintech companies in the drafting of their platform policies.

We have assisted international fintech companies in the drafting and renewal of their Terms of Use and Terms of Service, and the negotiation of such terms with leading international institutions.

The drafting and adoption of policies and guidelines that are tailored to the needs and compliance requirements of the fintech industry.


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